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Doing any kind of a presentation in front of an audience is the number one fear in all people.

Especially in acting, our confidence is continually tested through auditions, commercials, stage performances, and film. These areas are subject to unyielding judgment and competition from others.

Research supports that preparation or rehearsal before performance increases the likelihood of giving a sense of trust in ourselves. Confidence is a trust in our ability to follow through on any given task or behavior. It comes from mastering a task. This “trust” is an essential ingredient of relaxation needed for the brain to function efficiently and creatively so the person’s behavior can exhibit a natural sense of flow; a flow which is more relative to the ‘smoothness’ of real life, or one that is more open and child-like in nature.

This ’smoothness’ which comes with confidence can be achieved through acting classes, rehearsal sessions, and auditions. However, this may take a great deal of time, and in some cases it is not enough. Many actors get frustrated because they just can’t seem to “get it”. The reason for this may be because our lack of confidence needs to be approached from a different understanding; an understanding that is affected at a deeper level.

As a confidence and self esteem teacher, corporate trainer and acting teacher, it is my job to communicate in a way that helps people to experience self-reliance in their ability to change as well as learn new ways to approach problem areas. It is my passion to motivate, inspire, and persuade individuals to believe in their ability to learn.

What I have learned from my past acting students in workshops and coaching, is that their heart is definitely into what they’re doing, but something always seems to be getting in the way of their achieving what they want—which is actually feeling good about putting themselves in front of people or a camera. This “something” boils down to a lack of self-confidence, or fear of the “unknown”. It is very normal to see this, so to speak. But guess what?---it doesn’t have to be this way.

Through my frustrations over the years I have researched how to encourage others, one of the biggest things I have noticed with students I only see from time to time, is that they seem to have taken three steps backward while they were gone.

I believe that parents have wonderful intentions when they allow their children to take on a possible career in acting or any performance field. But the bottom line is, it does not begin and end in the training sessions.

Our program “How to Build Self Esteem in Others” is for YOU parents. This workshop is ideal for nurturing your young actor at home. In this program, I have concentrated everything I know (including me as a kid) about how to give students a lift, improve their opinions of themselves, generally make them feel better, and boost their self-confidence. And now, I’d like to show you how you can add to what you already know when doing the same for your children.

The nice part about this program is you will both benefit from it. In the process of learning communication skills to build confidence in your child, you will improve: your ability to communicate better, your influencing skills, and your level of self -confidence. Actually, if you become really good at using these skills, you could be a very charismatic communicator and a skilled motivator!

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