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Understanding Confidence and Self Esteem

Our Confidence & Self Esteem Influences:

Our Creativity

Our Motivation

Our Quality of Health

Our Relationships

Our Ability to Protect Ourself

Our Ability to Assert Our Feelings

Our Ability to Communicate

Our Highest Potential

Our Ability to Listen to Our Intuition

Our Finances

Our Ability to Listen to Guidance

Our Judgment of Ourselves & Others

Our Example to Others

Our Happiness

Our Peace of Mind

Self Confidence is supported by our Self Esteem, Self “Worth” or more clearly, the value we place on our ability (power) to respond to life’s situations; hence, Responsibility. Our Self Esteem is a foundation built by consistently becoming Confident in different areas of our life. Sound like a “Catch 22”? Not really ;-) When we understand that we already have the power to master certain situations, this insight allows us to take action (motivates us) on the things that make us uncomfortable. The result...INCREASED CONFIDENCE, INCREASED SELF ESTEEM, PEAK PERFORMANCE! This is where Lite*n*Up© Self Confidence and Self Esteem Workshops come in :)


Lite*n*Up© Confidence & Self Esteem Workshops

What you will learn…

When you have Self Confidence that is solid and reliable, most things become easy AND fun as well!

To stop thinking 'Am I saying the right thing?', 'Do they like me?', and so on…

To be more creative in all areas of your life

To be aware and sympathetic to the possible lack of Confidence and Self Esteem in others; putting others more at ease

To strengthen your own Self Esteem and Self Confidence while building it in others

Motivation = Self Confidence = Solid Self Esteem

Good Self Confidence allows us to achieve the real goals in our life whether they are to do with work, relationships or just being comfortable with ourself

Self Confidence allows us to fulfill our potential in any area...

If you're giving a presentation or performance and you're constantly worrying about how you're coming across, that's a waste of brain power!

How much more compelling, exciting and persuasive you can be if all of your attention is focused powerfully on the job at hand!

If you're going out socially, you need to be able to ENJOY IT! That's what socializing is about!

The success and joys that good relationships bring

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