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Self Esteem Workshop for Adults
Self Confidence for Teens
Teen Dating Workshop
Confidence & Self Esteem Booster Session
Self Confidence Training with Relaxation Techniques (Adult Class)
How to Build Self Esteem in Others (Adult Class)
How to Have a Positive Influence on Others (Adult Class)

Self Esteem Workshop for Adults

Did you know that according to a Gallop Poll, we leave about 4 minutes a day to ourselves to develop personal and social responsibility?
2 out of 3 Americans would rather be in a different job?
2 out of 3 Americans have low self esteem?

The purpose of this workshop is to be aware of the power we have that we may not be using.
Self Esteem is about feeling lovable, capable, and worthy of respect. The real meaning of success is to be happy with who we are even when alone, and to see that when we are happy with ourselves, this is what we give away to others.
When we are satisfied with who we are we have more energy, we get things done.
Our objective in this workshop is to come to a better understanding that it is necessary to give ourselves time each day developing personal and social responsibility.
Our personal power to get things done with integrity is the example we teach others—to family and society on the whole.

Self Esteem Workshop for Adults

The Importance of Awareness and Action
What is Self Esteem and Confidence?
What Does Self Esteem Feel Like Versus Self Importance? -Why is it Valuable to Know The Difference?
Reasons for Low Self Esteem
Our Ability to Control Our Emotions
Overcoming Fear
Negativity and Its Physical Effects
Maintaining and Building Our Self Esteem and Confidence
Strengthening our Personal and Business Relationships

Self Confidence for Teens Workshop

The Unthinkable Is Possible!
Think about it now.
When are you at your most relaxed, happy, funny, or talkative? I'll bet it's when you're with people you're most comfortable with. Maybe old friends, or family. Now, what if you could feel that good meeting new people, giving a performance or presentation? What if you could really feel 'I am what I am, and that's good enough'?
How would things be if you could go into ANY situation with curiosity and a sense of fun, with the thought 'Whatever happens here, I'll be okay'?
This is not only possible, it's pretty easy too! But it will take a little work from you. Just keep the benefits in mind.
What will it mean to you to be 100% confident? Not loud and annoying, just easily, calmly confident about who you are and what you can do.
It's important for your motivation that you do this. Think a little about it now. What will those old difficult situations be like once you are self confident? How will you feel with that person that currently causes you problems?
Yep, you can allow yourself to get a excited, because it's coming your way - the automatic ability to be fully self-confident and allow yourself to achieve everything you're capable of!
Self Confidence for Teens Workshop

You will learn...
Evaluation of your less than confident situation
Preparation for success in your challenging situation
Carrying out your confident attitude daily
Using your new skills in a variety of situations
Bringing it all together
Making your goals real

Teen Dating Workshop

Love is Understanding

People like people that like life. When we feel good about ourselves and know what we want out of life we don’t ’end up’ in relationships just because we’re tired of being alone. When we are happy with who we are, every situation can be fun, and we attract others with similar attitudes.
With that being the starting point of any connection we make with another person, we will not settle for anything less than we deserve in any relationship.
In this session, you will learn that to be really happy in a relationship, each of us needs to be different in some ways from our boyfriend or girlfriend. A healthy relationship is about giving your partner in subtle ways your strengths, and allowing them to help you equally when needed. This humble understanding of appreciation of each other, strengthens your bond of happiness, friendship and love. This, is what a healthy relationship is about; Respecting differences.
There is a saying that relationships are about ‘Love and Understanding’. This program just for teens, changes that saying to, ‘Love is Understanding’….You.

Teen Dating Workshop

Who am I?
What do I want vs. what do I deserve?
What are my strengths and weaknesses?
What are my ‘friends’ like?
My ‘Relationship’ checklist?
Warning Signs of ‘hazardous turns ahead’.
Long-term vs. short-term ‘relationships’.
Having a partner that I can call my ‘Best Friend’.

Confidence & Self Esteem Booster Session

Remember Who You Are….
“Happiness can only come from inside of you and is the result of your love.” - Don Miguel Ruiz

This session focuses on being grounded in who we are!
Sometimes, in our busy world, we may move so quickly it can take a toll on our spirit. We can feel overwhelmed and this can weaken our momentum in moving forward toward new growth, accepting change, and becoming stronger.
Who we are on the inside is what we give away to others. If we truly know what motivates us, our qualities, our achievements, and goals, we can stand strong in our convictions and be a good example to others.
This session will help you to become more aware of your personal reasons to take action on your life, and see how your passion for living can benefit many!

Confidence & Self Esteem Booster Session

Insight Brings Understanding...
What does self esteem feel like versus self importance? And why is it “valuable” to know the difference?
What’s the #1 thing that gets in the way of building good self confidence and self esteem?
What is the “gift” given to all living things for healthy growth and survival that we absolutely NEED to trust when taking on challenges?
How can our imagination truly fulfill our dreams?
What is the real truth about negativity and its physical effects? What can we do about it?
How can we have a limitless reservoir of love and happiness to give away?

Self Confidence Training for Adults Workshop

Self Confidence is Everything

Self confidence is everything; it allows you to make the most of life’s opportunities, face challenges and perform well when you need to.
This Self Confidence Training is a comprehensive program that will guide you, step by step, towards greater self confidence. During the program you will learn the true essence of confidence, how to think confidently and how to use the strategies of highly confident people.
Each session is packed with tips, techniques, new perspectives, helpful ideas, and exercises to help you control fear, anxiety, and under-confidence in all types of everyday stressful situations. And, by understanding the 4 keys to confidence, you will perform better at home and at work, enjoy social situations more, boost your confidence for stressful situations, and relax in the face of uncertainty; a vital ability in today’s fast paced world.

Self Confidence Training for Adults Workshop

Just a Few of the Areas to be Covered…..
How to assess your confidence readiness for any situation.
Why the past doesn't have to be a guide to the future.
Avoiding 'unseen' pessimism and negativity.
How confident people view the world and how you can do it too.
How to relax when you need to.
Hypnotic deep relaxation sessions to help you have more faith in yourself.
Confidence for Stressful Events.
Effective emotional preparation for anxiety provoking situations.
7 Basic Human Needs for Good Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Happiness.

This Program is in affiliation with
Uncommon Knowledge

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How to Build Self Esteem in Others Workshop

Learn advanced communication skills

Whether you are a parent, therapist, counselor, teacher, manager or work with people in some other way, the ability to increase peoples' self belief is highly rewarding.

By learning subtle communication secrets you can avoid the usual mistakes that simply make others argue harder for their weaknesses. Knowing how to sidestep resistance will allow you to escape the frustration of watching negativity ruin peoples' lives.

With the 23 techniques, plus a bonus chapter with 7 tips on raising self esteem in children, your ability to help others will be multiplied several times.

In the process, you will learn many new ways to convey your own ideas so they are much more likely to be accepted, whatever the situation.

How to Build Self Esteem in Others Workshop

Just a Few of the Areas to be Covered…..
Becoming A Talent Scout
The Complimentary Curve-Ball
The Keystone of Good Rapport
A Positive Spin on Negativity
How To Get Over a Stonewall
Pro-Active Listening
Building Bridges
Inspirational Words
Real Skills for Real Life
Feeling Valuable Leads to Healthy Self Esteem


How to Have a Positive Influence on Others Workshop

A Win-Win

Whether you are a parent, counselor, teacher, coach, in sales, a manager, or work with people in some other way, the ability to have a positive impact on others is a win-win for all involved. This program builds an optimistic atmosphere wherever you go. And, in the process your stress naturally melts away!

How we personally present ourselves plays an important part in how we are perceived by others. The result of every interaction we have will be based on our initial influence from the start.
By starting off with positive footing, you will know how to sidestep resistance and negativity in others. Through the confidence you will gain in this program you will escape the frustration of feeling as though there is a possibility of being thrown off balance at any time.

With these techniques, your ability to influence others in a positive way will be multiplied. Once the groundwork is laid, you will be amazed when you begin to notice how differently people respond to your presence. You will learn to express your own ideas so they are much more likely to be accepted, whatever the situation.

How to Have a Positive Influence on Others Workshop

Just a Few of the Areas to be Covered…..
Bringing Out the Best
No Problems, Just Solutions
What’s in a Compliment?
Leading by Example
It’s Not What You Say...
Being an “Optimalist”
Looking for a “Side Door” When Communicating
Listening Vs. Hearing
Building Trust
What We All Have in Common

All Lite*n*Up Workshops are designed after careful planning to suit client and individual needs. Price for each program is determined by location, number of participants, and type of program requested. For information please email us at: eai@seetheobvious.com

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