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Be the Difference©
‘Important Things I Remember From My Parents’ is a collection of 200 people sharing helpful words of wisdom that influenced their lives for the better. There are two Journal-Style Books--One just for 'Girls' and one just for 'Guys'. Through the advice of so many perspectives and the thought-provoking questions asked on each page, so much insight can be gained. Your words are the real you. You write about how uniquely and beautifully different you are...YOU write YOUR book of life!

I Hope This Journal Book Helps You At Any Age:
For teens, as encouragement in strengthening your sense of identity and independence.
As a guide in adulthood, like advice from a good friend.
As a reference for parenting, when you need an ‘answer’.
Or, as a peek back in later years to give you a smile knowing that you did your best, and there is no one that “knows it all”.


Look to and from you.  Laughter is a gift, and imagination is the elixer of life.
Did you know that in this moment you could create a picture in your mind to be as happy as you need to be? 
Never settle for less.  Always reach for your dreams. 
Did you know that there is no such thing as 'less' in dreams?
Have faith.
Is it possible that faith is when we simply move from where we should not be?

People are what life is about, not money or material things.
Could it be that relationships make us healthier?
Love and respect.
Is it possible that love is understanding?
This little book may be the insight of understanding you need.
You can ‘Be the Difference’ that makes a difference in yourself and your relationships.

Putting Pen to Paper-What to Write About:

Because your journal is a unique reflection of who you are, there is no right way to keep it. The type of writing that has been shown to provide emotional and health benefits is writing about what happens to you and setting down how you feel about it.

As you become comfortable with keeping a journal, you may want to use other techniques in addition to keeping a daily log of events and feelings. A few possibilities are listed below. Experiment to find out what works best for you.


Write down 50 ways in which your life changed in 5, 10, 15 or so, years, 50 strengths you possess, 50 qualities within yourself you wish you could change, 50 ways you can nurture yourself. While you’re at it, make a list of 50 lists you could write in your journal.

Unsent Letters

During major life transitions we often feel a need to resolve old conflicts or to tell people from the past the things we wish we’d said to them long ago. Often these people are unavailable to us. We may need to express ourselves to the people who are currently important to us, but hold ourselves back. Writing unsent letters to these people in your journal is a powerful way to finish old business, let go of old resentments and move forward.


If you are a spiritual person, you may want to try writing letters to God or your Higher Power in your journal. Many people find written prayer gives them comfort and solace in difficult times.


Write about an earlier time in your life when you faced a challenge with courage. Write about your childhood – your favorite toy, the most eccentric relative you can remember, your best friend from first grade, your first crush.


Before you go to sleep at night set the intention to remember your dreams. First thing when you wake up in the morning write them down. Even though they might not make sense at the time, when you record your dreams and reread them over time, you will be surprised at the insights and guidance they contain.


Collect sayings and quotations that move you. When you want to journal, but can’t think of a single thing to write, choose one of them and write about it.

Word Sketches

Become a word artist. Carry your journal with you to create word pictures of what you observe. Jot down scraps of conversation. Describe the sights and sounds, the tastes, the smells, the way things feel.

Counting Your Blessings

Be sure to keep an account of the good things in your life as well as the hassles. Writing down your daily blessings – a glorious sunrise, a smile from a stranger, a letter from a friend can boost your mood.

According to a recent study conducted at the University of California Davis, people who kept gratitude journals exercised more regularly, were more optimistic, felt better about themselves, were less troubled by physical symptoms and had more energy than those who wrote about neutral or negative events.

"I think the journal books are wonderful. Teenagers need to build/expand their ´foundation´ in order to grow strong and face life's challenges. The journal books offer them good material to do so and at the same time develop their writing skills. At the moment I’m translating the journal books into Dutch."

Jane Nieuwenhuisen
Care Coordinator for the Slightly Intellectual Disabled
Leusden, The Netherlands

About the author
John Cane is an International Speaker who has inspired over 100,000 individuals. With a background in psychological research and acting, he uses a simple and direct approach to aid individuals in self esteem and confidence training. Some of John’s clients include over 100 Schools in North and South Carolina, Queens University of Charlotte, Mecklenburg Mental Health Association, Bank of America, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, The American Society for Training and Development, and John Casablancas.
John lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and continues to speak to groups daily on self esteem issues.

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