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Emotional energy is powerful! This session will show you how to ignite your natural energy into a moving force to take action!
Twenty seven years of distance running has taught me that certain things in life are just worth doing...for "me"! WHO is the "ME" in YOU?! This program is about how YOU turn YOU ON! I am not an exercise junkie, guru, or personal trainer. I am however, someone who likes to have fun. And that’s what we will be talking about—not making something fun, but allowing it to be FUN, INTERESTING, ENJOYABLE AND ENTERTAINING! You can apply these principles to all areas of YOUR life!


Personal Reasons

“You’ll See It When You Believe It” - Dr. Wayne Dyer
In Dr. Dyer’s book, “You’ll See It When You Believe It”, he explains that when you gain insight through understanding truth in reality, you will see things with a different perspective. Well, this workshop simply follows that same premise.
We are a storehouse of natural energy and power through our emotions. We are capable of having a strong mental influence on a variety of things when we get excited about them. When we are emotionally charged, WE GET THINGS DONE. Think about it. Have you ever been totally exhausted after a long hard day of work, yet someone cracks a joke and you laugh so hard your belly aches? It takes a lot of energy to laugh, but somehow you found in a moments notice, it was ‘worth’ it.
Motivation is powered by our personal reasons to take action. This is when our motivation level is at its peak. When we realize our personal reasons to take action and how we apply them in everyday life, suddenly hesitation to do things is gone, and nothing can stop us in achieving what we need and want!

Motivation: A Reason to Take Action A Few Perspectives to be Covered... • “Helpful” Vs. Helpless Thinking: Making Your Moments an Optimal Illusion • What Negativity Does to Us Physically, Negative Influences Around Us, and What We Can do About It • How we Can Remain Grounded in Our Convictions, and Follow-Through • How Motivation Relates to Confidence and Self Esteem • The “Drama Trap”. Life’s Dramas Weighing You Down? It’s Time to Detach • How Our Instincts & Imagination Play a Super-Natural Role in Making Quick Decisions • There’s No Such Thing as “Perfect”. “Useful” is more like it • No Excuses, No Explanations…. Overcoming Procrastination NOW • ‘Balance’ is a Necessity • Perseverance Makes Things Easier in the Long Run • Exercise and Diet: Stressing Out About Doing It “Right” Doesn’t Help Matters • Adventure, Freedom, and the Lifting of Restrictions...Be a Kid Again Email Edge Advantage to have this great motivational session at your organization!


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