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Developing Moral Intelligence in the Classroom – Getting the Most Out of 'Important Things I Remember From My Parents', Journal-Books
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‘Important Things I Remember From My Parents’ Journal-Books provide students with:
o a way to learn to write clearly and develop writing skills
o a way to improve their ability to communicate
o a way to be more aware of gender differences
o a way to enhance problem solving skills
o a way to increase creativity
o a way to share perspectives and opinions
o a way to learn about respect for oneself and others
o a way to develop a sense of identity and integrity
o a way to build healthy relationships

A few of the areas we will be covering in the parents'/ teachers’ workshop are:
o How ‘Important Things’ Can Enrich Relationships
o Manners, Integrity, and Respect in the Classroom
o How Class Discussions Can Nurture the Learning Environment
o What Dialogue Journal Writing is, and How it Can Strengthen Communication Between Teachers and Students
o How Journal Writing Can Be Applied to a Variety of Classes at School
o How to Approach Writing Assignments and Student Privacy

This workshop is available to schools across North and South Carolina, with the goal of reaching all schools in America.

"The people we are in relationship with are always a mirror, reflecting our own beliefs, and simultaneously we are mirrors reflecting their beliefs. So relationship is one of the most powerful tools for growth... if we look honestly at our relationships we can see so much about how we have created them."
-- Shakti Gawain

Lite*n*Up© Confidence and Self Esteem Workshops

10 Strategies on How to Build Confidence and Self Esteem in Your Children

This program is specially designed to work with High Schools and Middle Schools for parents and teachers in aiding growth and building confidence and self esteem in their children and students.

This two-hour presentation will discuss 10 key areas of our “How to Build Self Esteem in Others” workshop.

Not only will it give added benefit to parents and teachers in communicating with their teens, but will also give teens strength in focusing on and achieving their goals in academics, sports, and relationships now and for the future of America.

Twenty-five percent of the proceeds will be donated to the requesting school’s funds to contribute to needed areas of support in their curriculum.

What your children will learn from you…

1. How to Motivate Teens by Encouraging Them in Areas Which They do Shine.

2. How to Give Unbeatable Compliments.

3. How to be a Good Role Model Without Having to be ‘Perfect’.

4. How to Build Bridges of Communication.

5. How to Challenge Negativity.

6. How to Give Appropriate Levels of Responsibility to Build Self Esteem.

7. How to ‘Pro-Active’ Listen to Your Children.

8. How to Make a Point Without it Being Taken Personally.

9. How to Show Teens That Their Opinion Matters.

10. How to Help Your Children Feel More Positive by Choosing Inspirational Words.

For more information and to book a workshop, email us at



100 Question Prompts for Students

JUST $3.95!!

A teacher’s aid to character development through thinking and writing skills

The questions in this guide are designed to help students think for themselves, exercising personal responsibility through reasoning and writing skills. The intention behind each question is for students to have a better understanding of what good choices are all about.

Each question has an open-ended format to suit teacher needs to accommodate short or long answers.

This guide is a great way for teachers to build integrity with their students and aid character development!

Teachers! This deal is just for you!

JUST $3.95!!

When was the last time you spent $3.95 on something that lasted you a whole year (and maybe someone else...a lifetime)?

Going to schools in the past years, I have come to understand some of the needs of teachers. I know money can be hard to come by when needing to buy learning aids.

This deal is just for you!

To keep the price down, this booklet will be emailed directly to you within 48 hours after purchase!

Here is a sample of the 100 prompts for just $3.95!

1) Did you know that honesty comes when we are light-hearted? Write about a time that you were honest with yourself or someone else, and the overall feeling it left you with because of the results of your actions.

2) Who is it that you trust and love the most? Could it be that person reminds you of you? What are some qualities, strengths, or talents you share with this person? How?

3) They say that ‘like attracts like’. Is it possible that people who are different may be together for another reason? Why or why not?

John Cane

(Note: To receive this guide, please add eai@seetheobvious.com to your address book, as to allow through your school’s firewall or include a non-school email address when purchasing)

100% Money Back Guarantee! If you cannot use any of the Question Prompts, just mail the copy to us and you will receive a full refund plus the postage you paid!


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