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"He's the talk of the town!"

Jewel Govan
Business Teacher
Vance High School
Charlotte, NC

“I would like to thank you for all the quality programs that you have presented for Drake Precision Dental Laboratory, Inc. over the past several years. It is evident that you take a vested interest to ensure that each participant obtains information to improve both their professional and personal lives.”

Robert Savage Jr. Vice President / Chief Financial Officer
Drake Precision Dental Laboratory, Charlotte, NC

“Can relate to persons of any age, background. John has a great love of research involving human psychology. He is a veracious reader in this area, looking to a wide variety of sources for information. John is a wonderful public speaker. He has the ability to infect his listeners with the enthusiasm he has for the topic he is speaking on, whether self esteem for teenagers or communication skills for executives.”

Cynthia Farbman, Attorney at Law
Charlotte, NC

“John is a great communicator! As a motivational trainer he enhances the Life Skills curriculum by encouraging each student to ‘think outside his or her box’ and reach for their true potential. His sessions are always creative and self-confidence boosting.”

Mary Ann C. Harper, Career & Technical Education
Belmont Middle School, Belmont, NC

“He [John] has graciously presented to my Marketing and Business classes for the past three years to speak with my students on the issue of self esteem and success in life. The presentation he delivers is full of great examples, student activities, and inventive strategies.”

Renee Monteith, Business & Marketing Teacher
Clover High School, Clover, SC

“Awesome—Kept the students focused! Emphasized character, confidence, and pursuit of dreams.”

Rhonda Van Pelt, Marketing Teacher South Point High School, Belmont, NC

“Great speaker, super presentation. Kept students interested and involved.”

M. L. Morris
Health & Physical Education
Thomasville High School, Thomasville, NC

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