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John Cane
Founder Edge Advantage, Inc.

Edge Advantage, Inc. has facilitated Confidence/ Self Esteem workshops for over 100,000 individuals across North and South Carolina. With a background in psychological research we use a simple and direct approach in aiding individuals in confidence and self esteem training. Some of our clients include: Over 100 High Schools in North and South Carolina, Queens College, Central Piedmont Community College, Bank of America, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, The American Society for Training and Development, John Casablancas, and Carolina Talent.

Edge Advantage is a personal development organization that specializes in research-based and practical psychology training. Our focus is on communication, personal performance, and reducing stress. Our objective is to bring the latest developments from these areas to those who use them everyday. Our expertise lies in teaching these developments in a form that is useable, clear and practical.

Lite*n*Up© Confidence & Self Esteem Workshops

Our busy lives have a tendency to cause stress. As supported in research, stress negatively affects how we perform tasks and communicate with others in every-day life. Stress can lead to feelings of insecurity and fear. When this happens, our creative problem-solving ability is hindered and we affect our ability to exercise confidence in significant areas of our life. When we are relaxed and calm, our relationships improve. We not only become healthier inside, our family, friends, and career become easier to deal with. We become more effective and resourceful, and therefore feel more complete.

Difficulties in life many times do not come from the lack of knowing what we need to do, it can come from the life we are use to living (past and present doubt due to stress).

The goal of Lite*n*Up© Confidence and Self Esteem Workshops and the information provided on this site is to strengthen that sense of glowing confidence, each of us enjoys, and to keep us healthy every moment of every day.

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